Confraternity of the Passion International

May The Passion of Jesus be always in Your Heart!

And May His Face Shine on You!

Testimonies of those who received graces

     Dear Friends,   My name is Rosa Khalife-McCraken, and I am writing this testimony of my healing. I attended the program on the Shroud of Turin presented by Donald Nohs. It was held at St. Barbara’s Parish at St. Anthony Church in Exeter, PA in 2014. I do not remember the exact date. After the program, there was a blessing with the relic, and then each person was able to venerate the Miraculous Bleeding Holy Face. While venerating the precious Holy Face my prayer and intention was for improved health. I have many health issues. One of these issues is an under active thyroid and nodules on the thyroid. Several weeks after having prayed at the foot of the altar in front of the Miraculous Bleeding Holy Face, I had an appointment for a routine ultra sound of the thyroid. Several days after the ultra sound, the nurse from the doctor’s office called me to tell me that the ultra sound did not show any nodules, and that they were gone. I have been having these nodules checked through an ultra sound every year for many years, and now through a most blessed miracle, they are gone. I thank God for His most Beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus. I thank Jesus for touching me with His love, mercy and healing grace. I am forever grateful and pray that I will always prove to be worthy of this great gift of healing.

Best Regards,

Rosa Khalife-McCraken



My Dearest Brother in Christ Jesus, I should have sent this letter a long time ago, but, better late than never I guess!  I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Holy Trinity for blessing you with such an awesome mission!  As you know, I was in the Pentecostal Church for four years before coming to the Catholic Church.  The very first time I saw your presentation I had never even known that an Image of our Crucified Lord on His Burial Cloth even existed! I remember crying as you made your presentation and I looked at His image and saw how lacerated His body had been.  I have seen the presentation several times after that, always bringing someone else with me.  As technology has developed in our times I am happy to see that you have incorporated those tools to help us understand this mystery of Love even more!   Please know that as a result of your presentations, an Image of The Holy Face of Jesus now resides in my home as well as the homes of my children, my sister who lives in Florida and many of my friends. I have brought the Image as far as Aruba!!  Imagine how many other souls in the world are just like I was, in darkness and ignorance of the Passion of Christ!  The world needs to know the Shroud exists!  We take it for granted that many know, but I am proof that although born and raised in NY it took almost 40 years for me to learn of it!  Your presentations have helped others and myself to develop a deeper love for Jesus and His sufferings.  It is one of the reasons I am now a member of The Holy Face of Jesus and Saint Padre Pio Prayer Group of West Babylon and the Confraternity of the Passionists!!   Thank you LORD! Thank You Don! Continue your Mission! And May Almighty God Continue to Bless You and Our Lady Cover You With Her Mantle, Protect You So That You Can Continue to draw souls to Jesus!    In the arms of Jesus and Mama Mary, Your sister in Christ, Lydia
Is the Shroud Of Turin the ACTUAL burial cloth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?  I couldn't wait for the evening of Mr. Donald Noh's presentation to arrive.  Even though it was a busy time of year for a classroom teacher, I knew in my heart that this was a once in a lifetime message that I didn't want to miss out on.  A little background on my personal journey.  My two year spiritual seeking had led me to the Truths of the Catholic Church.  RCIA classes were almost over, and I was to become a new Catholic at the upcoming Easter Vigil.  It took me 50 years of life, but I was finally making the journey the Catholic faith!  So when the church bulletin announced that a presentation on the Shroud Of Turin was coming to St. Mary's, I immediately put the date on my calendar. As I entered the beautiful, candlelit Catholic Church that evening, I sensed an air of quiet excitement and expectation. Could it really be true?  What were we going to hear and see, touch,...and most importantly, feel inside?  A table was set up front for us to get information before the program began.  I was impressed to learn that Mr. Donald Nohs was an authority on the subject of The Shroud Of Turin, with over 40 YEARS of research experience!  Don shared with us an amazing story of how at a very early age, he was drawn to the Passion of Jesus.  Quickly, I searched to find a pen in my pocketbook, so that I would be able to take notes. I didn't want to forget anything, and I wanted to be able to share this with others!   The theme of the presentation that stood out to me the most was...GOD DIED FOR LOVE OF MAN!  This gave me a deeper understanding of God's over-the-top love for us.  Don was able to point out how the burial cloth corresponds to what the Gospels tell us of the passion and death of Jesus. Mr. Nohs even had young volunteers demonstrate this with a white cloth. A crown of thorns, and a wooden cross also brought alive what he was teaching us.  Once again, I gained a greater understanding of what Jesus endured for our sake - because He loves us!  He laid down His life...and there is no greater love than this.  I truly felt that I was looking into the Holy Face of Jesus that night.  I felt a warmth in my body when it was my turn to kiss the Holy Face of Our Lord.  I am so thankful that I took the time to attend Mr. Donald Noh's presentation on The Shroud Of Turin.  It deepened my faith and understanding of God's AMAZING love for us!!!
Love, Lisa Hutchison