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the holy grail discovered

     This is the Image of the Holy Face of Jesus from the Holy Shroud of Turin turned upside down. With the Image in this position we can readily see a chalice in the area of the Holy Face of Jesus. This is what I believe to be the  origination of the tradition of the Holy Grail.

The Tradition of the Holy Grail

it was in the work of Robert de Boron that the Grail truly became the "Holy Grail" and assumed the form most familiar to modern readers. In his verse romance Joseph d’Arimathie, composed between 1191 and 1202, Robert tells the story of Joseph of Arimathea acquiring the chalice of the Last Supper to collect Christ’s blood upon his removal from the cross. Joseph is thrown in prison, where Christ visits him and explains the mysteries of the blessed cup.

The Shroud (Burial Cloth as the Holy Grail

     You can see the chalice (Holy Grail) in the Holy Face image from the Holy Shroud as it laid on the altar at the first Holy Mass. Joseph of Arimathea owned the Holy Shroud and traditionally owned the Holy Grail. Joseph of Arimathea certainly would have been present at the first Holy Mass. With the Shroud laying flat on the table (altar) and standing at one end of the altar you can very plainly see a chalice in the Holy Face image. I believe that this was how the tradition of the Holy Grail developed. We never did find a Holy Grail. Now we have in the Holy Shroud. So much more revealed if you can attend one of the presentations. Don